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Life Rises at the Horizon

At the break of dawn with the rising sun over the sky, life rises at the Horizon. The possibility of nurturing a community and creating organic experiences unfolds. The answers to creating a better human experience comes to life in all their glory at Brigade Horizon. Vastly spread out residences come together in a seamless multi-level design. Layered stepways invite the movement of people to sit awhile and simply see how uncomplicated it is, to create moments of escape in favoured company.

Brigade Horizon Mysore Road, Bangalore

When You Share Vision and Passions

Be welcomed into a world at Brigade Horizon, where the facilities on offer allow you to create a lifetime of memories and cherished friendships - all starting with a 'hello' to a furry friend. Connectivity to Social Infrastructure like healthcare, education, and entertainment is at close proximity, helping you be a part of the world outside minus its noise. This dynamism creates opportunities to connect with people from different walks of life, who come together to create a positive and secure environment, called home.

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